Tuesday, July 4, 2017

On Natalie Hage, the plus sized model who confronted her body shamer

My moderate viewpoint on Natalie Hage, the plus sized model who confronted her body shamer (http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/fat-persons-daily-reality-sized-model-calls-body/story?id=48409015&cid=share_facebook_widget)

I don't think there's any harm in exposing the body shaming incident in the way she did. She didn't reveal the mans' face or name, and she was calm and collected, but assertive, the way she defended herself. She saw what was hurtful, she needed that closure, she took her power back in a reasonable way, without getting immature about it. Technically it could've invaded his privacy I guess, from a legal standpoint (that's likely debatable) but the man was cruel and deserved what he got. As for my opinion on her weight, *Oppp* I'm gonna say it (omg I'm suuuch a bully *rawr* feed me a piece of cake with a nightholwer flowers in it n call me a horrible savage!) She is indeed quite big, but, I gotta say that although it could be unhealthy for some people to be that big, she wears it well and is indeed very beautiful. Whether it is a health issue or not for her is ultimately, as she herself said, her business. Well, hers and her doctors. 
But maybe it's fine. Some people's bodies very stubbornly retain weight and it's very hard to lose that weight, in fact, some bodies are actually healthier remaining a little overweight - and if they try to lose it they sometimes find themselves with triggered health problems.
I've had to reflect on this because I think it happened to me, to be frank. After I got really into being thin and hit the gym/crash dieted a bunch, I lost a lot of weight and my body type did something of a "transformation." At first it seemed great, but then, it began to trigger my EDS to become more metabolic and internal, in a gradual downhill spiral  .. I was never 'big" but I was *quite* curvy averaging 135 ibs (i'm very small boned and short so that's a bit bigger for me) ages 14-20, apple cheeked face, big bust and round wide hips, full legs, very curly shiny hair - and a lot healthier to boot. Then I became obsessed with being more "petite" because I felt "short and stumpy" and so I wittled down to 105-110. It was like a layer of baby fat protecting me, and I never gained it back, but I was never to be the same health wise after that. I had aches and pains before but worse started happening after that. So that made me think "hmm maybe some people should not just assume they're unhealthy because they're bigger, and mess with being naturally a little heavier, and BMI is more individualized than we think."
Basically, perhaps some people need to let sleeping dogs lie. I have observed people who've gone and done gastric bypass and end up chronically ill. I have also observed and known people who are bigger and eat amazingly healthy and have lots of energy..like ten times more than I'll ever have lol. Their bodies are just most comfortable being bigger. However, some people who are big are ill because of it, resulting in diabetes and heart problems, and they really must lose weight for that reason.. So it's really up to science ie. genetics and individualized biochemistry, whether or not that's health for her to be that big. The only thing of importance is health. Some body types actually get away with not having health issues and being quite big .. that's between her and her doctor. I can only say that judging by her glowing skin and such, her body is coping with being that size quite well, and it's not necessary for her to try and lose weight, unless she wants or needs to lose a little..but she looks beautiful and quite hot fuller figured and iI couldn't imagine her "thin" anyway. There's no need.
That's how I see it as a moderate independent free objective thinker (neither uber-lib, nor far right biggot lol )using my logic and applying my own experiences/observations. I'm also allowed to have my own opinion. 

Omg aren't I so "mean and judgemental"? ;) #moderatethinker #freethinker #notpolarized #bekindandreasonable

N.M. Rose Guedes


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